Apartment building managers have lots of choices when it comes to selecting a commercial cleaning service. What sets Black Diamond Building Services apart from other janitorial companies is our responsiveness, streamlined communication, and personalized attention that clients receive.

Black Diamond Building Services provides commercial cleaning services to apartments across Cleveland. This blog post will discuss the cleaning services Black Diamond Building Services provides to a leading Cleveland property management company. The property manager oversees an apartment complex on the west side of the City of Cleveland. The cleaning professionals at Black Diamond Building Services were called in to get the apartment building up to standards. Our company started cleaning the location in late summer 2023. The exterior of the property needed some work to get it up to appearance standards. Spiderwebs were collecting around the entranceways which were unsightly. The cleaners at Black Diamond Building Services removed the cobwebs and spiderwebs and cleaned up the entrance areas to the apartment building. Next, the cleaning techs washed the doorway glass to the apartment building. This helped ensure that apartment residents return home from work to a building that has streak free glass. Ongoing janitorial service provided to the apartment community involves wiping down walls, wiping down metal stairway railings, vacuuming carpet, vacuuming rubber stairs, mopping rubber stairs, and mopping the entrance tile. Lastly, Black Diamond Building Services also completes unit turnover cleaning for the property manager when tenant vacates the property. For a YouTube video highlighting apartment building cleaning services check out our YouTube video about apartment building cleaning.