Choosing a commercial cleaning service for your facility in Cleveland can be a daunting task. There are lots of cleaning companies in Northeast Ohio and they all seem the same. Here are some tips on how to select a commercial cleaning service.

If you are the one responsible for selecting a commercial cleaning company or janitorial service for your facility in Cleveland, Ohio you have been tasked with an important role. The cleaning company you select will play a vital role in keeping your facility clean and making a good first impression for employees, clients, and building guests. You may be wondering how to select a commercial cleaning company due to the large quantity of cleaning services in your area that all seem so similar.

When you are selecting a commercial cleaning service for your office it is important to check references and confirm that the cleaning company cleans similar facilities to your building. This will help ensure that the cleaning company you select has a quality control program in place that works effectively for the type of facility you have. For example, if you need to hire a cleaning company to clean a large 400,000 square foot warehouse you will need a cleaning company that services distribution centers and has a safety program in place. Distribution centers have lots of forklifts buzzing around the warehouse and cleaners need to be properly trained on how to look out for these forklifts when walking across the warehouse. Furthermore, distribution centers have unique needs due to heavily used warehouse bathrooms.

Another factor when choosing a cleaning company is finding a company that has the availability to service you consistently as a client. For example, you need a company that has enough floating cleaners and support specialists to never miss service. This is important because the janitorial industry averages about a 5% to 10% call off rate among the front line cleaning workforce.

Next, communication is also important. You want a cleaning company that offers clear lines of communication to the management of the company. This will enable the company to promptly address concerns as they arise. It is also helpful to select a commercial cleaning company that has a presence in your part of town. This will enable area managers to visit each location efficiently and keep a close eye on the buildings to ensure the work is being done well.

Lastly, you want a cleaning company that has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and green cleaning. In this day in age, there is societal pressure for solid corporate governance that takes into account the environmental impact of organizations. This makes it all the more important to ensure your cleaning program is green and eco-friendly.