Black Diamond Building Services is experienced providing commercial cleaning services to rec centers, community centers, fitness centers, and gyms. We understand the cleaning needs of heavily used lockers rooms and fitness spaces.

There is one commercial cleaning company in Cleveland that stands above the rest, that is Black Diamond Building Services. The janitorial services provided by Black Diamond Building Services are excellent. The company is experienced in provided cleaning service to rec centers across the Cleveland, Ohio region. Certain factors come into play when cleaning rec centers. The first factor is dealing with the locker rooms. The locker room environments are constantly wet which creates an environment conducive to mold and bacterial growth. The damp environment of locker rooms can be mitigated several ways. The first is the run a powerful fan as soon as the facility closes down for the night. This will help speed up the drying process of the floors and shower curtains. The next step is to prop open the doors to the locker room to allow it to dry out completely. Another aspect of properly cleaning a rec center locker room involves collecting all the hair from the floor of the locker room. This can be done one of several ways. One option is to use a wet vac or other piece of equipment such as a Kaivac. Another option is to use a flat microfiber mop to collect the hair off the floor. Collecting the hair off the locker room floor improves the appearance of the locker room but also helps prevent drains from getting clogged.

Another factor in cleaning community recreation centers and fitness centers is keeping the glass on the doors smudge-mark and spot-free. When cleaning windows a clean towel should be used. It is recommended to use a paper towel to clean windows because even the cleanest microfiber towels will still have oil in the towel after going through an industrial washing machine. On a sunny day the glass will look hazy and not be crystal clear.

Next, another challenge of cleaning a fitness center is wiping down all the touch points around the fitness area. In an effort to keep the areas hygienic it is recommended to clean with a neutral disinfectant cleaner. When you hire Black Diamond Building Services you will get a commercial cleaning service with attention to detail. When we onboard new clients that are rec centers we are sure to clean any dust from fans, clean out elevator tracks, and vacuum the tops of lockers! Give us a call today and check our references, we stand by our work.