Stripping and waxing of hard floors is an essential task for proper floor maintenance. The frequency with which building floors in Cleveland, Ohio should be stripped and waxed will depend on the amount of foot traffic the area receives. Typical intervals would be six months to 12 months between stripping and waxing. The benefits to stripping and waxing floors is that it improves the look of floors and extends the life of the floor.

Black Diamond Building Services completed a project at a facility in Twinsburg, Ohio. The project was a hard floor care project that involved a strip and wax of the floors. The Black Diamond Building Services crew moved the tables and chairs out of the room to prepare the room for the strip and wax. The first step was to thoroughly vacuum the floors to remove any food and debris. Next, the cleaning techs scrapped up any gum or residues on the floors. This was to help ensure the floor finish did not seal any dirt or debris to the tile.

The next step was to apply floor stripper to the floor. The floor stripper was applied to the floor using a string mop. Next, the low speed floor machine, otherwise known as the side to side machine, removed the old layers of wax on the floor. Our company uses 3M brand black floor stripping pads. These pads are designed for stripping floors and are more abrasive than other color floor pads such as a red floor pad (red pads are designed for scrubbing floors).

Once the floor stripper and floor machine covered the floor the janitors moved on to use the Pacific floorcare brand wet vac to remove the slurry of wax that was on top of the tiles. It is important when stripping and waxing floors to remove all the slurry of wax before the wax dries. This is because if the wax dries it will be sealed under the layer of floor finish and leave streaks.

When the janitor was completed with vacuuming the floor there was a mopping of the floor with a neutral mop. This was to neutralize the floors to allow the floor finish to have a good surface to attach to.

Four coats of floor finish were applied. Each coat of floor finish was given at least 30 minutes to dry. This is to ensure the previous coat is fully dry before applying the next coat of wax. Additionally, air movers were pointed at the ceiling to help speed up drying time. It is important to note that air movers are not pointed directly at the floor finish as this would cause ripples.

One thing to note about stripping and waxing floors in the Cleveland, Ohio region is to avoid tracking the floor finish into other rooms that are carpet or are not being strip and waxed. This can be done by placing mats down by entranceways to the areas being stripped and waxed and by taking shoes off when leaving an area that was being stripped and waxed.

  • Prep the Floor

  • Strip the Floor

  • Apply Floor Finish